Silver and Gem Necklace by Geoffrey Brown

See below for design and ordering information.



  • Hand-worked sterling silver or gold
  • Each piece custom designed, made to order
  • Item pictured here is representative only. Exact item may no longer be available.
  • Can also work from your own design
  • To inquire about current inventory and/or to place an order, call or email us.


Brown, Geoffrey

Fine Jewelry

In-house jeweler and goldsmith Geoffrey Brown designs one-of-a-kind fine jewelry in sterling silver and 14K gold. Inspired by Victorian and Art Nouveau periods, his original designs feature flowing lines and asymmetric balance, and celebrate the natural art of stones and gems. Renowned in Northern Arizona and collected worldwide, Geoffrey creates each piece as a custom work of art. Items shown are one of a kind unless noted. Actual pieces may vary. Geoffrey will gladly work with you to customize a piece based on an original seen here, or create a design to order. Please inquire.


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