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Geoffrey Brown is a goldsmith and gemologist who designs and handcrafts fine jewelry with romantic, graceful lines and striking but unusual balance. He has designed pieces for Saks 5th Avenue and other fine stores, and serves as the exclusive in-house jeweler for Ian Russell Art Gallery.

About the Artist

Geoffrey Brown is a goldsmith, gemologist and fine jeweler who has owned jewelry stores in the Prescott area since 1978. Born to a family of wit and artistry, he found early expression for his talents as a commercial artist in San Francisco. In 1970, he began turning his designs into brass and silver jewelry. He sold his work as a street artist and at festivals, then to upscale retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue.


He loved to explore San Francisco and would often sketch the beautiful wrought iron and stained-glass artwork that decorates the city’s ornate homes. Many of these designs were of the Victorian and Art Nouveau periods, an influence that can be seen in the flowing lines and asymmetric balance of his work.

Now a prominent jewelry designer and manufacturer in Northern Arizona, he has created pieces for the Phippen Museum of Western Art, Arizona Highways magazine and several celebrities. His ensembles have even been worn to The White House. He creates fine jewelry for Ian Russell Gallery and a few other retailers in the western United States.

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