Gallery Restoration

In the fall of 2019, Ian Russell, gallery owner and former mason, took on the massive task of restoring the historic E Block building on Whiskey Row where the Ian Russell Gallery calls home. During the restoration, beautiful brick resurfaced as stucco was removed, surprise upper display windows were discovered, and local history was brought to the surface. 
Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Arts before restoration began.
Ian hard at work using his masonry skills to remove the stucco covering the historic brick.
Brick being exposed as the stucco was slowly and safely removed.
A view from below.
The upper display windows were revealed the more the stucco came off.
All the stucco removed and the history revealed.
Beautiful new upper display windows were installed.
Of course a new gallery sign was a must!
In order the get the new sign displayed, the heavy machinery had to be brought in!
Preparing for the new sign to be hung.
The sign is up!
Of course, fresh paint is needed for the monumental occasion.
The newly restored Ian Russell Gallery Fine Arts located on the historic Whiskey Row in the beautiful "Everybody's Hometown" Prescott, Arizona.