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Mixed media stories of brooding sensuality.

Illustrator Lynden St. Victor melds the real and surreal to create beautiful, mysterious characters and tell their stories on canvas. He discovers his subjects in myth, religion and his own experiences, and lets his visions emerge and materialize in his surprising imagery.


About the Artist

Lynden Saint Victor is a rarity among acclaimed artists: he never studied art. In keeping with a New Year’s resolution to expand his horizons, he dipped into his first oil paints on January 1, 2002 and began to make pictures that speak volumes. In 2003, the first formal presentation of his work resulted in a sold-out show, including 35 additional Paint to Order originals, media coverage, multiple gallery offers and a publishing contract.

Saint Victor’s works have a uniquely definitive look and feel. Masterfully melding the real and surreal, his bold and beautiful characters grace the walls of some of the world’s most majestic estates, as well as the humble abodes of those who have likewise been moved by the brooding sensuality of these artworks, each a virtual novel unto itself.

Saint Victor is also an internationally syndicated cartoonist under another name. His daily comic panel, Pardon My Planet, is published by King Features Syndicate and disturbed to over 150 daily newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

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