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Scott Ewen has been working for the past 20 years as a contemporary oil painter combining attributes of both realism and abstraction.

Rather than capturing single moments, the paintings employ bold colors and organic shapes, frequently rendered in motion and over time. Subjects exist on the edge of a complete breakdown of representation while held together by a strong sense of composition and the details that speak to not only the form but also the passage of time.

Ewen graduated in 1992 from the Museum School of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University where he studied photography, drawing, and art history.

1989-92 Museum School of Fine Arts Boston 1989-92 Tufts University, Boston



2010 Spectrum Art Annual
2012 American Art Collector – Art of the Horse issue 2013 arts feature at the Southern Hotel 2014 Keenland magazine cover
2017 NOLA.comartsfeature,MadisonvillePublicLibrary 2018 Edge magazine feature
2022 Lavender Fields magazine
2022 Sidelines magaine feature

Coastal Conservation Association - 2019 Print of the Year
Art of the West Award - 2020 Phippen Western Art Show and Exhibition



“I work in oils with a focus on rural subjects including big animals and landscapes.

My landscape paintings are usually not based on any one place I could point you to but on general impressions and memories of the regions I’ve visited and lived.

When painting these I am more concerned with the atmosphere, space and the feeling of being “there” as opposed to capturing the facts of a specific location. I reduce them to minimal and negative shapes and configurations, always anchored by the horizon, using a stream of conscience approach.”

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