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Pursuing and preserving ephemeral moments
Theresa Rose believes the camera can help us to see the instances of life that often escape human notice, and try to hold their unique details in our perception. Weather is one of her favorite categories of photography. Capturing nature in its wild and unpredictable moments reminds her that the old cliché about no two snowflakes being alike also applies to lightning bolts. There are no re-takes.

About the Artist

Theresa Rose is a Prescott photographer who often signs her work, “Tree Rose,” a nickname given to her by her father that stuck with her, even into adulthood. An affinity with nature enlivens her compositions, and a sense of permanence drives her interest in photography.

Calling herself a “preservationist at heart,” she acknowledges that we live in a world full of temporaries ­­–– be they objects, places or moments. Her goal and challenge is to capture and preserve things, places and moments that most eyes never see, such as ruins that are far off the beaten path and fading from time and nature. Or experiences out of sync with human time, speeding by too quickly (think of lightning) or too slowly (think of the steady flow of water, or astrophotography) for us to notice.

In all of these instances, she rises to the challenge of taking notice, capturing a moment that is unique and rendering it timeless.

Check out our very own Theresa Rose interview with Ian Russell!

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