Inner Glow at West Fork

Inner Glow at West Fork

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"Inner Glow at West Fork:" Although I have been through West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona quite a number of times now, I felt that my latest trip I was really able to capture images quite different from my usual attempts. I spent most of the day there, and the lighting was changing rapidly enough that the scenery kept transforming every look I took. While the canyon looks beautiful all of the time, I tried to watch and see when the natural lighting seemed to really pop key features of the landscape. What caught my eye here was how the sun lit up this maple tree at the base of the curving canyon walls and the golden trees arching above it on the left side, while these gloriously tall pine trees dotted the hillside on the right in some nice side-lighting. A bit of haze wafting through the canyon during the day created a soft glow in the rock columns in the very back. I had to position myself to try to optimize the reflections in this scene, as much of the water level in this particular spot was fairly shallow and made for otherwise broken reflections. All of these elements created for what I felt was a unique, ethereal moment in the canyon.


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