Love in the Heart of the Superstitions

Love in the Heart of the Superstitions

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"Love in the Heart of the Superstitions:" Amidst the rugged beauty of the Superstition Mountains, ephemeral waterfalls cascade gracefully, their song echoing through the canyons. Above, fluffy clouds dance in the sky, one resembling a heart, mirroring the love felt in this enchanting wilderness. The recent rain saturates the ground, intensifying the colors of the rocky terrain, while the spires reach toward the heavens. This was also the same trip that I mentioned in my previous post that involved an unexpected winter thunderstorm on the way back, complete with stinging sleet and lightning that was so bright it would temporarily blind me as my eyes continuously struggled to adjust to the otherwise pitch darkness. I was so grateful to have finally made it back to my vehicle after all of that!


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