Pot of Gold at Yosemite Falls

Pot of Gold at Yosemite Falls

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"Pot of Gold at Yosemite Falls:" When I went to Yosemite, the waterfalls were raging pretty strong, and getting up close to one such as Lower Yosemite Falls here, combined with the wind, meant that keeping my camera lens dry-- or myself, for that matter-- for any length of exposure was impossible. And let me tell you, that water was cold! I was grateful, however, to have been able to capture a rainbow on the left side of the falls, due to the wind blowing the water-spray in that (and every) direction. I took quite a few photos at this scene, but only a couple showed any part of the rainbow, so again, I was grateful that, despite the wind making it extra challenging to shoot, without its participation, I would not have seen the rainbow here. Finding the pot of gold, however, would have required a dip in the raging river below, so I will have to leave that part to imagination. I hope you enjoy.


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