Spectral Trees

Spectral Trees

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"Spectral Trees:" Believe it or not, I did not gray-scale this image. There were times I was in Yosemite that my visibility was reduced to not even being able to see the waterfalls or the prominent mountain peaks for which the park is so famous. I have mentioned the controlled burn that was occurring during my visit. Well, sometimes the smoke was so thick that the ashes were landing on me and I had to try to filter my breathing through a tissue or my jacket sleeve. I was at this moment actually hoping and waiting for the smoke to clear enough for me to resume photographing the iconic beauty of Yosemite when I got the idea to try to work with the conditions and see what I could find (literally and figuratively, at this point). This scene only looked like this for a moment, as the smoke was wafting through the trees and migrating throughout the valley floor. It was a bit eerie and haunting and like no image I had prepared myself mentally to try to capture at Yosemite. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.


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